Southwest Florida Jewish Pioneers documentary film Series

Starting in 2014, The Jewish Historical Society of SWFL is proud to produce its own educational documentary films. As of the end of 2020, fourteen films were produced. The purpose of this series is to introduce SWFL early Jewish residents and community builders to the generations of SWFL residents who were not present at the time these individuals were laying the groundbreaking framework for the emerging Jewish community, forming congregations and federations, establishing schools and organizations that are now integral parts of the flourishing Jewish life in the region.

The basis of each film is The Eyewitness Interview The Society recorded. Learning about history from the mouths of its eyewitnesses is always a rewarding experience. History is weaved from lore and built upon its foundation.

Meet Our Film Participants

Periodically, JHSSWF presents SWFL Jewish Pioneers films to the community during paid or free events. Please subscribe to the email lists to be notified by sending a quick note to or purchase annual membership. We greatly appreciate your support of our mission.

SWFL Jewish Pioneers films on Zoom

Since the summer of 2020 JHSSWF has created a series of presentations and is screening its film via zoom in order to offer its educational material to the public. Please join The Society to gain access to these materials.

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