How lucky are we? Very lucky!

As Jewish residents of the southern parts of Southwest Florida, we are quite lucky to have our SWFL Jewish Pioneers among us.

This area, being the last one settled by the Jews, is raw with as of yet uncaptured history and personal stories by and about its earliest Jewish settlers.

During our past two Zoom sessions, we were lucky to have The Laboda and The Rosner families and friends join us online.

This week's film is about Judith and Samuel Friedland, who grew up, met and married in New York, worked in NY and NJ and, as often the story develops, got stuck in Naples during one of many winter storms, and made a decision to relocate.

They relocated, started up business, became very active and visible in both business and Jewish communities, and in total, supported and helped develop four out of five presently existing Collier County Jewish Congregations.

Will they be best respected and remembered for these good deeds or for their technological invention that is being used in security and military world-wide, or perhaps, for their non-partisan political actions - you decide. Join us on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 5pm. To register:

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