10th Anniversary of The Jewish Historical Society of SWFL will be celebrated on January 7, 2021

The Jewish Historical Society of SWFL is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with Bill Barnett during 2021 Florida Jewish History Month. Premiere of "Mayor With A Heart" and more...on zoom. Visit event page at for tickets

Mayor With A Heart

It took about four years to complete this one hour documentary feature that began with an eyewitness interview with the then newly reelected into his fourth term as The City of Naples, FL mayor, Honorable Bill Barnett. Dozens of interviews later, the film was completed and tells the success story of a NYC boy, whose role in SWFL history is defined by overcoming numerous challenges, forging lifelong friendships and alliances, gaining political strength and remaining approachable to his constituents.

In December 2020 our members and friends of the society enjoyed

watching these films

  • Chief Plager

  • By The Pier

  • Engineering The Future

about SWFL Jewish Pioneers Richard Plager, former Chief of Sanibel PD, Canadian artist and long-time City of Naples resident Florence Hertzman and Irving Berzon, whose civil engineering designs and planning determined many aspects of our "paradise coast" essentials.





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