A Precious View

Florence and Harold Hertzman, like so many before and after, found their winter escape in the paradise of Naples, Florida. The difference between then and now was the fair housing laws were already on the books, but it took time to erase prejudices off people's minds. Hopefully, never to be repeated.

Harold and his Canadian buddies were investors in developing golf courses. As they spent more time in Naples, they decided to build a home on the beach nearby the famous Naples Pier, and so they did.

The rest, as they say, was history.

Tranquility and serenity of her surroundings brought the artist inside Florence out. Pay attention to her artwork throughout the film. She always placed importance on nutrition. Perhaps, that is why at a very useful 95, she tunes into JHSSWF zooms nearly every week and comments whenever she feels like she has something of value to add. Florence is involved in nearly every aspect of Jewish life in Greater Naples whenever she is in US. We missed seeing her in person last winter, but hope that she'll be snowbirding next season, when we are back to normal.

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