A Mensch For All Reasons, SWFL Jewish Pioneer Stuart Kaye

Stuart Kaye just completed his degree before returning to Florida, where he grew up on the East Coast. This time, the less explored West Coast of Florida was calling and he accepted a job offer that would lead to twists in his path Stuart may not have anticipated back then. After some time, he established himself in his career, earned respect of the community, got married, raised a family and built, built, built...

His pioneering efforts expanded housing in the community, secured a home for Jewish worshipers who wanted to practice in a more conservative way than the already existing reform congregation offered, and, from the ground up, cemented diverse religious presence by becoming president of the new synagogue.

Jay and Stuart Kaye raised four children in Naples, the city they love and helped improve by becoming involved with various projects and organizations, spreading good will, understanding and love to everything they undertook.

In recent years, Jay has co-chaired and Stuart's company has supported, the Naples Jewish Film Festival, a popular and successful annual event that brings attention to various issues affecting Israel and Jews worldwide.

As our Spring 2021 weekly zoom presentations conclude, we left the last session up to the audience who voted that "by popular demand" the film about Stuart Kaye be replayed. Join us Sunday, May 30 at 5 pm on Zoom to view it. Must register to receive a link and passcode.

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