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Marina Berkovich

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Alexander Goldstein

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Jane retired after a career in computer programming in Pittsburgh, PA with vast banking and investment industry operations expertise. She dedicates most of her time to her children and grandchildren. The mission of protecting Jewish History is particularly important to Jane, who is married to Holocaust survivor.


Vice President

​International Awards Winning Music Composer and Cinematographer, Mr. Goldstein applies his talents and skills to fulfilling the Society's historical preservation mission. He is chairing the Oral/Visual Histories project. "Southwest Florida Jewish Pioneers" film series were initiated and by him. They include TELLY Awards winning film "Richard Segalman, The Man and His Art." Co-founder of JHSSWF with his wife, Marina Berkovich

President and acting CEO

​Driven by desire to preserve the very fresh Jewish History of her new home, together with her husband, Alexander Goldstein, Marina established JHSSWF in 2010. Her professional experience includes Dean of Administrative Service, Bramson ORT College/US Operations and corporate controller The Lowell Hotel (NY) and L'Ermitage Hotel (CA). Marina is a non-practicing CPA, she taught accounting and information services. Past president of ORT America Gulf Beaches Chapter.