Our mission is to educate, celebrate and promote awareness of the contributions of Jews in Southwest Florida to-date and in the future.

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Our Story

We are the next generation of the Southwest Florida's Jewish Pioneers. It is up to us to keep their stories preserved, so that the future generations will know what the Jews have contributed to Southwest Florida's development, economy and culture since 19th century.

Our visitors can explore our collections by visiting the Virtual Museum of SWFL Jewish History, watching our films and excerpts of eyewitness testimonies, browsing through photos and letters and much more.

We are always expanding our archives and improving our Internet appearance and presence.

Founded in 2010, The Jewish Historical Society of Southwest Florida (JHSSWF) seeks out, collects and preserves written, spoken and photographic records for the purpose of creating archives and keeping historical accuracy of the Jewish presence in the area.

The Society's efforts and ongoing projects:

  • Oral Visual Histories are the testimonies of our valuable eyewitnesses

  • Educational Films of the  "Southwest Florida Jewish Pioneers" documentary series

  • Virtual Museum of SWFL Jewish History

  • Community-wide SWFL Jewish History Masterclasses

  • Bringing the stories in Virtual Museum and films to the local Jewish youth

Our efforts are made possible through the generosity and support of our members. Please consider making a contribution towards our mission